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By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 12:27 PM.


Art By: Thijs Brouwers


Dutch takover


sewage and fiber

No Polar!!!

Sayonara Sucker!

Radio Active Tissues

From concerned producers


My son told me to tell you about this tissue box issue and my theory about it. Since you know about the boxes I will tell you my theory. I think China has be disposing of some of its nuclear and toxic waste by incorporating it into some of their products. Besides getting rid of it; the exposure to the wastes would degrade the health of their competition making them more vulnerable. If I had the equipement I would love to take it into a Dollar Tree store and see what happened.


Insider Research

Ministry of Truth

Iran They Never Miss Using a Crisis as an Opportunity to Expand Government (Cruise Ship edition)

Letter -- Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Terrorists who Threaten to Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process | The White House

Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:) Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, within 90 days prior to the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date. In accordance with this provision, I have sent to the Federal Register for publication the enclosed notice stating that the national emergency declared with respect to foreign terrorists who threaten to disrupt the Middle East peace process is to continue in effect beyond January 23, 2012. The crisis with respect to grave acts of violence committed by foreign terrorists who threaten to disrupt the Middle East peace process that led to the declaration of a national emergency on January 23, 1995, has not been resolved. Terrorist groups continue to engage in activities that have the purpose or effect of threatening the Middle East peace process and that are hostile to United States interests in the region. Such actions constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. For these reasons, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency with respect to foreign terrorists who threaten to disrupt the Middle East peace process and to maintain in force the economic sanctions against them to respond to this threat.

GOP XFactor


Inside Megaupload's Megamind: Kim Dotcom's Playboy Bunnies, Russian Nuclear Vessels, And Private War On Terror | Fast Company

Megaupload Shutdown: Clinton's Former Attorney to Fight Case for Company - International Business Times

Megaupload shut down by feds, seven charged, four arrested

Supreme Court Says Congress May Re-Copyright Public Domain Works | Threat Level |


Romanians stone police as anti-government anger grows | End the Lie - Independent News

BBC News - Greek debt talks hit snag

Gitmo Nation

UK Undercover Police Had Children With Activists They Were Spying On | Disinformation

Two undercover police officers secretly fathered children with political campaigners they had been sent to spy on and later disappeared completely from the lives of their offspring, the Guardian can reveal. In both cases, the children have grown up not knowing that their biological fathers -- whom they have not seen in decades -- were police officers who had adopted fake identities to infiltrate activist groups. Both men have concealed their true identities from the children's mothers for many years. One of the spies was Bob Lambert, who has already admitted that he tricked a second woman into having a long-term relationship with him, as part of an intricate attempt to bolster his credibility as a committed campaigner. The second police spy followed the progress of his child and the child's mother by reading confidential police reports which tracked the mother's political activities and life. The disclosures are likely to intensify the controversy over the long-running police operation to infiltrate and sabotage protest groups. Police chiefs claim that undercover officers are strictly forbidden from having sexual relationships with the activists they are spying on, describing the situations as "grossly unprofessional" and "morally wrong". But that claim has been undermined as many of the officers who have been unmasked have admitted to, or have been accused of, having sex with the targets of their surveillance. Last month eight women who say they were duped into forming long-term intimate relationships of up to nine years with five undercover policemen started unprecedented legal action. They say they have suffered immense emotional trauma and pain over the relationships, which spanned the period from 1987 to 2010. Until now it was not known that police had secretly fathered children while living undercover. One of them is Lambert, who adopted a fake persona to infiltrate animal rights and environmental groups in the 1980s.

Subculture of Americans prepares for civilization's collapse | Reuters

Tulsa Man Shoots Himself During Homeland Security Interview - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

Techno Experts

The SECRET FACEBOOK OF POWER used by global premiers at G20 * The Register

"It wasn't secret, we just didn't need to tell anyone about it" said Sid Heaslip, Programme manager at Opentext discussing the TOP SECRET FACEBOOK OF POWER that his company made for the G20 summit in 2010, exclusively for the leaders of the world's most powerful nations to network with. Despite keeping the network codenamed "V20" under wraps at the time, Opentext execs are now keen to discuss the world's most elite social network, not least because the aura of power and secrecy around the summit gives their cloud-based document-sharing software a little more sex appeal than the average cloud-based document sharing software package enjoys. Opentext spoke about their G20 social network last week at a conference in London where they were meeting public sector players in an attempt to get them interested in their social work-flow solutions. The Facebook of Power At the Toronto based G20 summit in 2010, the men and women holding the purse strings of the world were forced to get on the Facebook-style network to access documents and communicate with each other, because email was strictly banned. Only 125 members were accepted - the finance and deputy finance ministers of the twenty countries along with a "sherpa" or guide for each member state. 55 of them decided to upload profile pictures too, giving the financial negotiations a more personal touch. It's highly likely that the remaining 60-odd invites were parcelled out to the global premiers, which means that it is likely, though not certain Barack Obama was/is on there.

IRS strategy lacking on $320M website upgrade, says GAO -- Government Computer News

Why The 'Check Engine' Light Must Be Banned

LightSuare-GPS tests rigged



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